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Experience Aircraft Sales with Aviation Auctions

Aviation Auctions is an online auction platform dedicated to selling surplus aircraft. Our marketplace allows thousands of global buyers to come together to bid and buy surplus aircraft at a competitive and international event.

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Benefits of Used Aircraft Sales via our Marketplace

Through a joint venture between Aviation Auctions and Asset Nation, we are able to provide some unique benefits over other approaches:

  1. Industry Expertise: Aviation Auctions is utilizing industry veteran Don Groenemann, who possesses expertise from an accomplished history in the rotary and fixed wing aircraft marketplace. He has spent over 40 years in aircraft sales, operations and management. He has held executive positions at Bell, MBB (now Eurocopter), JB&A and Evergreen. You can be confident that he understands and can effectively represent and market your aircraft.
  2. Proven online auction technology & infrastructure: Asset Nation has been running online auction marketplaces for over 10 years. The company began as Free Markets and has held successful events for companies such as Shell, BP, Exxon, Wal-Mart, Caterpillar, Snap-on Tools and others. Aviation Auctions is powered by Asset Nation’s architecture and this partnership provides maximum seller protection especially around critical post-sale activities such as buyer registration, escrow and accounting functions.
  3. Global Buyer Network: Any aircraft scheduled to be part of our aircraft sales program will be included in an aggressive marketing plan. In addition, it will also be promoted to Asset Nation’s global buying community of over 85,000 commercial buyers and cross-marketed on their other online auction venues. These factors all contribute to maximum exposure, a competitive event and the realization of your aircraft’s “true market price”.
  4. Low Risk for our Sellers: We are paid by the buyer, the seller pays nothing! If your aircraft does not sell, we will gladly list it until it sells. Our approach allows our sellers to set a published reserve price but also it gives them the flexibility to accept the highest bid even if the reserve is not met.
  5. Minimized Expenses: We sell the aircraft online and it is sold “as is, where is”. This cuts down on unnecessary moving expenses as often seen with live auctions. We prearrange inspection times and all expenses are the responsibility of the buyer.
  6. Fast and Efficient: Our site contains ongoing listings and nearly early every few weeks we hold an online auction. Most auctions run for 10 days and during that time, we coordinate any inspections and questions between the bidders and seller. Once a winner is declared and the seller accepts their bid, funds are usually received into escrow with 48 – 72 hours.

To learn more about our aircraft sales program, call Aviation Auctions today at 1-817-266-8788 or send an email by clicking here.